yoga and pilates

Located in a charming historic home in a quiet neighborhood, one on one yoga and pilates instruction is provided in a private setting with certified instructor, Karen DiRenzo, who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals which may include:

  • Maintaining or improving health and activity levels.
  • Regaining strength and balance after illness or injury.
  • Slowing and improving the effects of aging on strength and balance.
  • Improving your mind, body and spirit connection.

Meet The Instructor

Karen DiRenzo found Pilates when misalignment from scoliosis caused hip pain. Pilates provided the balance in her body, both physically and mentally, that was needed to move through life pain free and stress free. This freedom of movement allowed her to explore and fall in love with the benefits of yoga as well.


Private One Hour Session in the Studio

Each session is designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual client through the use of Pilates equipment, Pilates mat exercises and Yoga poses. All exercises and poses can be modified and adapted to work with any limitation that the client might face.

Private One Hour Session in your Home

This is offered to clients who may have difficulties traveling to the studio due to mobility and or health issues. An adaptive program will be designed to meet your physical needs.

Group Mat or Yoga

Group Pilates Mat or Yoga (Gentle Flow or Chair)
Can be provided at the following locations:


After school programs for students (middle or high school).
Wellness programs for teachers and staff.


Employee wellness programs.


Building community through wellness.

Assisted Living Facilities

Chair Yoga to improve balance and well-being.

Contact Info


3 New City Street

Essex, CT 06426